Maeve and Gideon

November 1, 1979 and June 27, 2011 - April 2, 2020

Maeve and Gid

Welcome to the website for Maeve and Gideon, put together by their friends and family. This website will serve as an ongoing memorial for the incredible people they were and continue to be in our hearts. We hope you will share your own memories and learn about the wonderful work that they’ve inspired with fellowships, funds, and art all in their name. They were both incredible and bright and we miss them every day.


Two Years On

Each April we ask if it is available to you to run/walk/roll a virtual 5K to remember Maeve and Gideon, donate to any of the funds and fellowships started in their names, and send us your photo to share at maeveandgideon [at]

Gideon wins the Cluster Schools 3K - 2018
Maeve Capitol Hill Classic 5K - 2019
Kat, KKT, and Maeve run for office - 1994
Riley Kennedy, Clare Kennedy, and Natalie Needle 5K
Riley Kennedy, Clare Kennedy, and Natalie Needle 5K
Kat -
Kat - "an 11 min mile 10K is still a 10K"
Kerry Meltzer 5K
Kerry Meltzer 5K. On a run that she did with her sister Maeve many times.
Sarah Kennedy 10K
Sarah Kennedy 10K
Running for Maeve and Gideon
Robert and Hannah Hill, Flannery McArdle, Kyla Minton, Emily Orrson, Anna Paul, Catherine Rosenberg, Libby and Jack Willson.
Lisa Cohan 5K
Zina Huxley-Reicher 5K
Megan Kummerlowe 5K
Heidi Ross 5K
Heidi Ross 5K
Jackie Meltzer
Jackie Meltzer 5K
Sari Meltzer
Sari Meltzer 5K
Lucy Ross 5K
Lucy Ross 5K
John Monahan 5K

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Maeve and Gideon inspired many people and accomplished a great deal in their short lives. Read some of Maeve’s professional achievements and tributes from her colleagues that are the source of fellowships and funds in her name.

Donate: Fellowships and Funds

We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support for Maeve and Gideon and the incredible fellowships that have been named in honor of Maeve's work and their memory. The Donations section of the website provides more information about the ongoing fellowships and funds. Should you wish to make a business contribution or have additional questions, please reach out to us directly.

Ways to Contribute


We have beautiful photos of Maeve and Gideon and their lives and have selected a few to share. We'd ask you to send us any you have too.


Goofy, sweet, talented, daring- we love seeing and sharing videos of Maeve and Gideon. Here are a few, and please share any you have too!



Maeve loved to write letters. She sent them from around the world and they were often a delightful stream of conscious about anything and everything she was thinking, feeling, worried about, or delighted in.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in your own letters and stories, some shared here. We love them and we love you all for sharing them with us.

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We Love Gideon by his Gabriella
Maeve and Gabriella by Riley Kennedy
Gideon's Alley by Amy Kennedy
Family portrait by Ashley Silvernell
Family Portrait by @LouisaCannell
Happy Father's Day by Gideon
Black and White Superman, by Gideon
Maeve by Catherine Rosenberg 2019
Maeve's Scrapbook:

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Maeve & Gideon Binary Star


We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support for Maeve and Gideon from the people they played and worked with and from the institutions where they went to school and worked. Here are a few, and any that aren't represented here please reach out to us directly so that we can add them.


Memorial Service

"A Celebration of Love and Thanksgiving" was held April 11, 2020 as a virtual service for Maeve and Gideon

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