Maeve loved to write letters. She sent them from around the world and were often a delightful stream of conscious about anything and everything she was thinking, feeling, worried about, or delighted in.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in your own letters and stories. Some of them we have shared. We love them and we love you all for sharing them with us. And are so grateful for observations like these one- that you all see them as we do.

Gideon, you were always GREAT at sports, you always played fair. And I REALLY miss you. You were always nice and funny, and you looked like your mom!

G reat

I ncredible

D oes great at sports

E mensly funny

O utside the box thinker

N ot mean

Love, Violet [Roberts]

“You must get sick of hearing about your mom’s smile and eyes, but let me add to the chorus–those eyes and that smile burst with a magnetism that really could power a city if you put a plug in her side.”

– UNAIDS colleague Greg Smiley


“Gideon’s curiosity was in full tilt boogie, he was on fire… He would enter the chock-full room, smiling ear to ear, with his beautiful lil sis Gabriella (wearing a sparkly tutu skirt) by his side, parting the crowd holding a big spear or an ostrich egg saying, ‘Bob, Bob, can you please tell me more about this one, is it from Africa, the Amazon?”

– Sarah Guinan Nixon


Facebook Posts

Posts and photos shared on Facebook from April 2020 Thanks to Saranah Walden for compiling.

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