2020 Distinguished Partners for Women Peace and Security Award

Mobilizing Men as Partners for Women, Peace and Security and Strategy for Humanity were honored to provide awards and financial support for seven organizations in conflict-affected countries in honor of Maeve. These awards have now been distributed to the following organizations and are helping them to address challenges of women’s empowerment, peace-building and COVID-19 response. Below are the groups supported and a description of their work is here.


Arab Women Organization of Jordan

Asociacion Pop No’J of Guatemala

Women’s Peace Organization of Afghanistan

Collective for Research and Training on Development Action in Lebanon

Himalayan Health Care of Nepal

Mwada-Gana Foundation of Nigeria

Semerera Youth Coalition Against Gender-Based Violence of Burundi.


With special thanks to Ambassador Don Steinberg for this dedication.

Support the Award

To send your donation please write a check to One Earth Future and place in the memo: "Mobilizing Men as Partners for WPS - Maeve McKean Fund"

Mail to:
One Earth Future
525 Zang St
Broomfield, CO 80021

For direct wire transfer or for more information please contact Kelly Case at:
Kelly@ strategyforhumanity.org

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